Oceandiva Futura

Inspiring event location

Out-of-the-box and on the water: event vessel Oceandiva Futura adds a whole new dimension to your event. Embrace limitless possibilities with a sailing venue that docks in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Remarkable and Exclusive is what the Oceandiva Futura embodies, while at the same time making everybody feel welcome with its warm styling. Unleash your creativity on this blank canvas we call The Futura.

m2 space
meter long
meter wide

Facilities on board

4 bars
Light and sound set
14 toilets
Wifi (on request)

Event location on the water

Let the freedom of the water move you and transport your guests to a grand and different world on the water: a world apart. With a capacity of 100 up to 600 guests the Futura is fit to host big events and more intimate events. The Futura is an inspiring event venue with enormous windows, multiple levels and an outer deck with panoramic views of your favourite city. Even though every room and space has a unique character we always make sure everything fits the total look and feel of your event. The difference between a good event and a great one is all in the details.

Together we make everything add up to more than the sum of its parts, as the Futura can be completely decorated and arranged like a blank canvas. The centerpiece is the central area at the heart of the ship: the four metres high space and illuminated LED bars are guaranteed to evoke plenty of oohs and aahs from your guests. The VIP deck is the perfect setting for a reception or fancy dinner while the lounge deck is perfectly suited as a reception area. And go out onto the outer deck to raise your glasses on more than successful evening.


Corporate party 100 - 600 pax
Seated dinner 100 - 300 pax
Buffet-style dinner 100 - 600 pax
Walking dinner 100 - 600 pax
Brand event 100 - 600 pax
Roadshow 100 - 600 pax
Congress 100 - 200 pax
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