Sustainable event location

Our goal: organising CO2-neutral and fossil-free events

Oceandiva doesn’t take the planet for granted. We lead the way in ensuring a sustainable future for the event industry. Our goal is to create 100% CO2 neutral and fossil-free events. Our ships already run on special biofuels, we collaborate with durable partners and have reduced our water usage by a great margin. Our new events ship Oceandiva Nova is even completely 100% electric powered and has received Green Award’s prestigious Gold certificate with a platinum lable, as very first floating event venue in the world.

How we’ve drastically cut our fuel usage

As floating event venue there’s no getting around using some sort of fuel. But we can influence the type of fuel we use! Oceandiva Original and Oceandiva Futura run on HVO100. This biofuel is made of 100% certified waste- and residual materials, which reduces our CO-2 emissions by up to 90%. It also greatly reduces the amount of aerial particles for a better quality of air. Oceandiva Nova on the other hand is already fully electric powered, and also equipped with a circular waste management system.

Oceandiva exclusively uses biodegradable oil, which reduces oil disposal by 50% in comparison with synthetic oils. To save water toilets are flushed with water from the river – this waste is then stored in tanks which are emptied by a professional waste disposal company.

To reduce our electric footprint we’ve equipped our ships with sustainable LED lighting.

Whenever our ships are docked they exclusively use shore power, a measure meant to relieve the environment which is embraced more and more in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Sustainable partners

Investing in a sustainable future is something we can’t do alone. Which is why we’re so happy to find many other companies that share our goal. Oceandiva very deliberately chooses to collaborate exclusively with event partners and suppliers that share our focus on sustainability. For instance, caterers that show creativity in finding circular food solutions, printers that make flags out of recycled PET bottles and suppliers that transport everything with electric vehicles.

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