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Unforgettable experiences at Oceandiva

What started out as a wild idea back in 2003 has grown into a blossoming international organisation in high-end corporate events. With a head office in Amsterdam, we are now active in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and we are among the top of the event industry.

What sets our ships apart is the creative freedom they offer. Our multi-level ships are a blank canvas where anything is possible. That same ‘anything goes’ mentality is also what sets our team apart. We connect the vibrant energy of the city with the freedom of the water. This way we can transform any event to a unique experience, combining the sensation of ‘far away’ with the accessibility of ‘close to home’. We are there where you want us and dock at hundreds of destinations in different countries.

We work together with partners who, just like us, exude hospitality, ingenuity and flexibility and who can go the extra mile for our customers through smart production solutions and creativity.

Our motives

The freedom of water inspires us in everything we do: the water takes us to constantly changing horizons and skylines, from the heart of the city to wherever you can imagine; our creative event solutions and our ships’ possibilities are as fluid as water – as a blank canvas they can take any shape you’d want – but above all, it allows us to move both the hearts and minds of our guest.

We believe that events are the stage for innovation, information and new possibilities that inspire people, industries and even the world to move. We can offer that platform because we ourselves are just as likely to keep moving. We challenge our own industry by embracing sustainability, creativity and the latest developments and explore how we can move forward. That sometimes takes us through ‘rougher waters’, but it’s the best way to discover new opportunities – like the launch of our world’s first CO2 neutral event ship!

Oceandiva in the heart of the city explanation

Freedom of the water

Our floating event locations connect the energy of the city with the freedom of the water. The water takes the customer to ever-changing horizons and skylines. Our ships are as smooth and flexible as the water, the creative solutions and possibilities are endless.

View our ships here, where they dock and get an idea of what is possible.

Oceandiva Freedom of the water explanation

In the heart of the city

We are always in the heart of the city; we use the urban energy, the authentic character and the good accessibility. In this way we transform events into unique experiences with the sensation of ‘far away’ and the accessibility of ‘close to home’.

Check here if we can come (close to) your favorite city. Oceandiva’s event ships sail in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

Oceandiva blank canvas explanation

Blank canvas

The creative freedom of our ships makes them unique as an event location. The multi-level ships are like a ‘black box’ and provide the ideal blank canvas to design a tailor-made setting for events.

View our event cases to get an idea of the endless possibilities that the Oceandiva ships offer.

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