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A corporate event with Oceandiva is always one for the books – experience the freedom of the water and the electric energy of the city at the same time. This, combined with a blank canvas interior that can make every wish a reality, makes Oceandiva an event location unlike any other. Oceandiva is home to various types of corporate events, like company parties, brand events, roadshows and congresses. Whatever course you’ve set out for your event, we are there for you along the way with the best Oceandiva has to offer.

Organise a company party at Oceandiva

Company party

A big company party is the ideal setting to place your business relations or personnel on a pedestal and to share a special moment in a different environment. A complete change of pace and scenery, but still easily accessible for everyone.

Organise a company dinner with a group at Oceandiva Futura

Company dinner

A delicious finger food buffet to a royal multi course sit-down dinner, all accompanied by the skyline of your favourite city as a backdrop. A company dinner offers the perfect opportunity to get to know your colleagues and raise glasses with your clients in a completely different setting. At Oceandiva we strive to create unique occasions and unforgettable evenings, so come aboard and experience the freedom of the water during your company dinner!

Brand event car launch Audi at Oceandiva

Brand event

A brand is all about experience. With a brand event you give that experience the stage it deserves. This way you enforce the image of your brand while also giving your guests a captivating experience. Whether you’d like to honour your relations, launch a new product or looking to create a larger than life press moment – the sky is the limit.

Roadshow Edelman outside deck Oceandiva Original


Mobility is key in any roadshow. Why host an event in one location when you can reach multiple city centres in one go? With our ships as floating showrooms you can bring your products and story to your clients, relations and suppliers instead of the other way around.

Organise a congress at Oceandiva


A congress with Oceandiva will inspire your attendees and offer fresh new insights: being near, on and around water truly arouses the senses and opens the mind. Every ship has multifunctional spaces, all easily combinable, to create a perfectly smooth flow for your congress, seminar and symposium.

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