Sunweb | Company party

Sunweb Christmas party in Great Gatsby style

The Dutch and Belgian employees of Sunweb tour operator played at being part of the ‘roaring twenties’ for an evening. Their annual Christmas party was completely in style of The Great Gatsby.

Both the ship and the 300 guests looked like they had been transported from the 1920s. The impressive Erasmus Bridge in the background during the company party completed the picture for this Rotterdam company.

Oceandiva, the Sunweb Group and the Great Gatsby have proved to be the ideal ingredients for a fantastic Christmas party. When you think about it, the ship is already a superb location, but after it was styled and decorated and colleagues took centre stage in 20s regalia, it looked just like a film set. Thanks to great collaboration from the outset and during the evening itself, in which everyone participated enthusiastically and communicated clearly, we enjoyed the party immensely. But let's not forget our own fellow house DJs, the Hartendames and YourBand! All recommended for an unforgettable experience #creatingmemories.

Cindy Hofman
Party Manager / Executive Assistant Sunweb Group