Specsavers | Company party

Endless possibilities during the Specsavers staff party

Work like a captain, party like a pirate. With this theme, Specsavers celebrated their results achieved in 2018 with more than 1,400 colleagues and heralded the new year. Entirely in keeping with the theme, their company party took place in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam and on board the Oceandiva Original.

The Specsavers corporate event is a great example of the endless possibilities Oceandiva has to offer. We have expanded the location on the water to the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, where cruise ships usually depart.

After the enjoyment of a drink and the presentation of their plans for the coming year, various employees were put in the spotlight. After this, the party continued on board on the Oceandiva Original. Delicious snacks and drinks were served, and everyone put their hands in the air to the music of The Recipe. A successful event, as the photos and after-movie clearly attest.

What an unforgettable staff event it was for all 1400 Specsavers’ shop and office employees. The event took place at two locations, making the organisation more complex than usual. Not that that was noticeable, however, everything was taken care of to perfection, the collaboration went smoothly, and the atmosphere was fantastic! We will definitely be coming back!

Edmee Rijneveld
Store Communications Manager Specsavers