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Inkometa Award show at the Oceandiva Futura in Düsseldorf

Around 200 guests were invited to the Oceandiva Futura in Düsseldorf to attend the presentation of the Inkometa Awards. The award ceremony was organised by SCM – School for Communication and Management.

On board the Oceandiva Futura, the central room was set-up in a conference setting. Because a large group was being accommodated for, an extra stage was placed on the other side of the large fixed stage. Something that hasn’t happened before. This made it possible to place additional chairs on the large stage, thus creating room for more guests. The overall setup was playfully executed whereby people at the back could easily see what was going on.

We were looking for a stylish and extraordinary location for our Inkometa Awards. We thank Oceandiva for the successful event. There was friendly staff and our guests were completely impressed. The atmosphere was amazing!

Lars Dürfel
SCM Primus