Daft & Roche | Kick-off congress

Roche Diagnostics kick-off event in Brussels

Organising a conference as a festival. It might be an unusual way of doing things, but that makes it all the more unique. Event agency Daft approached us to realise this concept and jointly organise a kick-off event in Brussels at the Original for pharmaceutical company Roche Diagnostics Belgium.

On the occasion of a 3-day kick-off and cycle meetings of the Roche Pharmaceutical Company, we were approached by event agency Daft to deploy the Oceandiva Original for the kick-off. The task was to highlight the importance of innovation as a strategy for the coming year. The creative team at Daft thought of original ways of doing so.

Links were made with one of Belgium’s most innovative music festivals. One of the founding fathers of this festival was asked to explain their innovative approach in a video message. Then the Roche team was challenged to build their own festival… in an innovative way and in just a few hours. Roche employees had to work together in teams: brewing their own beer, making string art decorations, preparing festival food, designing festival merchandise and adding extra decorations to the stage.

The Oceandiva is an unique event location that offers a wide range of possibilities. We especially liked the on-site professional approach of the Oceandiva crew, and the pro-active approach in helping us put this whole thing together. We received a lot of compliments for the overall concept … so mission accomplished!

Tine Blondeel
Account Manager Daft