Event cases

BIODROGA | Product launch

For the product launch of BIODROGA's new anti-aging line "Perfect Age Formula", Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group (BCG) was looking for a unique location that could fully focus on the brand and product presentation.

Land Rover | Car launch

The Oceandiva Original was poised on Brussels waters for the car launch of the new Range Rover Evoque.

ARHS Group | Christmas party

The international IT company ARHS Group was looking for a unique location in Belgium where they could not only organize an Christmas event, but also create a true experience. And what better location for a pirate party than a ship?

Specsavers | Company party

The Specsavers corporate event is a great example of the endless possibilities Oceandiva has to offer. We have expanded the location on the water to the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, where cruise ships usually depart.

Nextens | Client & Brand event

During the exclusive customer & brand event of Nextens, the new name of the customer panel “Nextens Thinktank” was presented, whereby the customer the focus was. This event was also the perfect opportunity for Nextens to value their customers with a day of entertainment, a walk and bite dinner and delicious drinks.

Wehkamp | Company party

The biggest mail order company of the Netherlands, Wehkamp, celebrated their 65th anniversary. And it had to be huge. They asked event agency De Jonge Events to help them organize a festive event for about 1000 guests.

HP Elite Dragonfly | Product launch

HP was looking for an out-of-the-box, multi-room event location for the launch of the lightweight HP Elite Dragonfly laptop. As far as we are concerned, there is no better lightweight location than one that is on the water!

SCM Primus | Congress

Around 200 guests were invited to the Oceandiva Futura in Düsseldorf to attend the presentation of the Inkometa Awards. The award ceremony was organised by SCM - School for Communication and Management.

Medivents | Corporate summer festival

A corporate summer festival for 2000 guests. In collaboration with event agency Medivents, we have exceeded everyones expectations!

Sunweb | Company party

The Dutch and Belgian employees of Sunweb tour operator played at being part of the ‘roaring twenties’ for an evening. You see, their annual Christmas party was completely in style of The Great Gatsby.

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