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During the exclusive customer event of Nextens, the new name of the customer panel “Nextens Thinktank” was presented. This event was also the perfect opportunity for Nextens to value their customers with a full day of entertainment, a walk and bite dinner and delicious drinks. Oceandiva supported Nextens with great pleasure at this event, especially because our clients have top priority as well and we are more than happy to help to get the best out of an event.

Nextens was looking for a event venue where the new name could be shown clear and visible from start to finish. At Oceandiva this is certainly possible. The branding was an important pillar of this brand event, so we looked together with our client, which forms of presentation were best suited for the new name and the new logo.

Adela Kuzelj, Customer Insight Specialist at Nextens, said afterwards: “Thanks to the many branding options, the name change was well received. ‘Nextens Denktank’ was presented in every imaginable way: on flags, screens and bars. The light matched to the new logo and its color, the gangway was provided with a banner and a colored carpet including the logo, so that the guests could see the new name and logo as soon as they entered the ship. The styling of the event was just perfect.”

We chose Oceandiva because they made our customer & brand event complete. From styling to catering, everything was just right. Oceandiva's eagerness to help was undoubtedly a big support, so that together we've made the event a great success. The catering, the ship's crew and the event manager helped to ensuere that the event turned out exactly as we imagined it.

Adela Kuzelj
Customer Insight Specialist Nextens