HP Elite Dragonfly | Product launch

Product launch HP Elite Dragonfly in Dusseldorf

HP was looking for an out-of-the-box, multi-room event location for the launch of the lightweight HP Elite Dragonfly laptop. As far as we are concerned, there is no better lightweight location than one that is on the water!

During the brand event, the Oceandiva Futura was therefore all about ‘weightlessness’. In addition to the complete branding of the ship, such as flags, window coverings etc., the ship was also equipped with columns in which the HP Elite Dragonfly laptops floated. And there was a floating photo experience where guests could have their photo taken with the HP Elite Dragonfly.

We were looking for an out of the box event location with multiple rooms for the launch of the lightweight laptop HP Elite Dragonfly. The Oceandiva was the perfect location for us to create a unique 'weightless' experience for our guests.

Nina Kelder
Artichock Events & Marketing for HP Netherlands