Effectgroep & Netflix | Brand event

Unforgettable brand event from Netflix in Amsterdam

Whenever our loyal partner effectgroep asks for our help, we are sure that it will be an epic event. This surely applies to the brand event we organised together for none other than Netflix. We blurred boundaries when we organised an unforgettable brand event on the Oceandiva Original in Amsterdam.

To celebrate a special milestone, effectgroep organised an Internal Brand event on the Oceandiva Original in collaboration with the Event Manager of Netflix. Because this particular milestone was celebrated in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and Singapore, the theme was ‘Globalisation’. The European party took place in Amsterdam, where 250 Netflix colleagues gathered from across Europe and were surprised with an event entirely in Netflix style, decorated by Van Der Maarel Eventstyling including a unique customised food concept by Cuisine On Tour.

Oceandiva is a flexible partner that takes a pro-active approach and works with you to find solutions. Through clear communication with a fixed point of contact, cooperation is always smooth and we make a success of each event.

Jelle van Keulen
Sales Manager effectgroep