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Roadshow: Edelman sailing showroom

Edelman, one of the largest importers in the area of home accessories, came up with the idea during Covid to bring their showroom to the customer. After a short search, Edelman came into contact with Oceandiva. A unique and safe experience for the customer was born, a three-month roadshow in the form of a showroom. Edelman and Oceandiva would bring the showroom to the customer.

For three months, the Oceandiva Original sailed past several cities in Germany, where Edelman’s customers came on board to view and order the products in full regalia. In this way they generated an enormous reach in the most important times of the year: Christmas and summer.

Both parties have worked hard to prepare the 2500 m2 of the Oceandiva Original and furnish it with home and garden items. The result? The photos and video say enough; once inside, the ship looked like a real showroom with the only difference being: the freedom of the water. A world apart.

After the success of the sailing spring/summer showroom in 2021, Edelman sailed the German waters twice more in 2022 with a Christmas showroom and another spring/summer showroom.

Spring & Summer roadshows

In times of Covid we needed to be creative, we joined forces with Oceandiva and it ended up as a great success. It started as a safe and unique way to bring our showroom to our clients and in ended in a journey of three different roadshows of three months each on the waters of Germany, visiting different docks along the way.

Ronald van Veen
CEO Edelman

Winter & Christmas roadshow